Fighting nature: The key points

Modern society constantly fights the ‘Laws of Nature’; here are the realities of the ‘Laws’.

a. You can’t push a rope

You must lead people by getting their cooperation, not by pushing them.

b. Status is a key priority

People make quick decisions based on perceived status when meeting a new individual and then rationalize their actions based on the quick decision. During hiring or a sales call, the mind is made up of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ within seconds.

c. It really is a chaotic world

Chaos theory says we should start from the bottom up, not top down if we want to be effective. Internet and blogger are the thin edge of the wedge taking advantage of this principle.

d. Old Ecclesiastes got it right

Most sensational success is based on luck, not hard work. Since most people do not have enormous luck, we have to resort to hard work to improve our lot.

e. No one likes getting attacked

Blaming is attacking. Every animal views an attack as a negative experience, reducing cooperation with the attacker immediately. If you want results, stop blaming.

f. Humans will pause for beauty

Humans strive to add beauty to their day as a goal of time spent at their hard work: art, music, athletics, literature, the human form. To win people over, put beauty into your product or activities.

g. Survival is most important of all

If a plant or an animal does not survive it cannot propagate its species. Anything you do against a person threatens their primordial survival instincts – and all forms of real co-operation stop.

h. Human differences remain in balance

We may not like aggressive people or individuals who constantly correct us, or wild dreamers or gabby persons but we not only must live with these personality types, we actually need them.

i. The order of existence, upwards, is: DNA, genes, chromosomes, cells, creatures

All creatures are made up of cell components. Each cell is a very complex chemical factory, capable of standing alone but succeeding because of co-operation with neighbouring cells.

j. Feedback is essential to evolution

With feedback, animals improve and adapt to the world around them. People in charge, such as bosses, need constant feedback from staff and clients (quarterly reviews, weekly meetings).

k. Having control over our lives is a high priority

Among the seven parameters for job and life happiness, ‘control’ over our own domains, tops the list. People need to be left alone to accomplish tasks in their way and to make their own choices.

l. The two sexes are different (most of the time)

The two sexes feed off each other: as one sex develops more attracting features, the other sex develops more interest in those features – a 2-way street of continuous, differing attractions.

m. Nature grows in complexity through co-operation

Structures within cells descended from bacteria which joined forces 2 billion years ago to ultimately form the human – with 10 trillion or more cells cooperating to make you and me.

n. Things evolve to the best shape, over the long term

Given the long term, things evolve to a sophisticated and essentially highly functional level. The eye took about 300,000 years to evolve from simple cells. Give your project time.

o. The laws of physics are immutable – Momentum = MV, etc.

Momentum, the force on a body in motion is described by the equation: momentum = mass x velocity which means that bicycles and cars don’t mix plus other societal irreverence’s.

p. Only one guy can be in charge of the pack

Every wolf pack, every pride of lions has only one guy in charge. This dominant role is not open for debate unless it will be a fight to the death. Define only one person in charge of each job.